Innovamarina certified as a “Women-Owned” business enterprise

Innovamarina certified as a “Women-Owned” business enterprise

Innovamarina recently completed the certification process to become officially registered as a “Women-Owned business”.

The "Women-Owned" certification is a designation that is granted to businesses that are at least 51% owned and operated by women. This certification is issued by various organisations, that verify the ownership and control of the business by women.

This type of certification can provide several benefits to a business, from providing a competitive advantage to identifying including access to new opportunities given set goals for contracting women-owned businesses, resulting in new business and revenue streams.

Within the community of Women-Owned businesses or a Women Business Entreprises, woman can find an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion, offers educational resources and training programmes and fosters collaboration amongst women in business.

This helps women to work towards creating an inclusive workplace, advocating for diversity and supporting other women to help them advance their careers.

Many thanks to PROEXCA and Teresa Guillen Zulueta for advancing international business opportunities for women in the Canaries.